Notifications (a.k.a "Callbacks", "IPN") are used in 0xpay to alert users about events happenning to their merchants. Whenever something happens to your merchant, 0xpay will try to send a webhook to the Notifications URL that you've previously specified in merchant settings.

Webhooks require authorization on your side, in order to verify the validity of message received.

We guarantee that webhooks will come in described order, according to their tx status change.

For example: we won't send you a "Done" status webhook until you respond with success HTTP status to a "Pending" webhook that was sent earlier.

Notifications retry timeline:

In case your URL responds with a non-success HTTP status – the notification will be retried 10 times, with initial delay of 10 minutes, each new retry triggered 15 minutes later, up to a maximum of 60 minutes. In total, we are going to try and notify you for 8 hours.

Number of RetriesTimeout

Retry #1

10 min

Retry #2

25 min

Retry #3

40 min

Retry #4

55 min

Retry #5-10

60 min

Check out notification examples on the next page.

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