You agree and acknowledge that your access to and use of our Site and Services is your sole responsibility and you do so at your own risk. The risk of dealing in Virtual Currencies, including trading, is substantial. Before using our Services, you should, in your own sole discretion, assess your financial and circumstantial situation and consider whether the use of our Services is suitable for you. You should be aware of the possibilities of total and irreversible loss of your financial assets and that recovering from such loss may be difficult or impossible.

You further agree and acknowledge that:

  • The risk of trading with Virtual Currency is substantial and you may experience losses over a short period of time;

  • Liquidity pattern of Virtual Currencies is constantly fluctuating and such fluctuations may be unpredictable and substantial;

  • Use, value, availability, and exchange of Virtual Currencies depend on laws and regulations currently in force and may change in regards to the legislative amendments, introduction or repealing of laws;

  • Virtual Currency transactions may be irreversible, which, in the case of fraudulent or accidental transactions, may lead to significant or total losses that may be difficult or impossible to recover;

  • The date and time of your transaction may not be always accurate due to some of them being recorded on a public ledger;

  • Virtual Currency markets may disappear due to the unwillingness or its participants to use/exchange the given Virtual Currency, which may, in turn, lead to irreversible loss of your funds of a particular Virtual Currency;

  • You access to or use of you Virtual Currencies may be impaired by cyber-attacks and other technological and electronic reasons;

  • Any of the above-mentioned risk factors are not exhaustive and may differ in regards to the changing legislation, your financial situation, and other factors associated with use of Virtual Currencies.

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