This Annex is applicable as an addition to Section 4.1 on Prohibited Use of the Terms and shall be perceived in conjunction with the said Section. Please note that the list below is non-exhaustive and may be altered, modified and expanded in connection to the amendments in applicable legal acts and other factors and shall therefore be representative only. If you are not sure whether your business falls within the scope of the below-mentioned business activities, please contact us at:

By opening an Account, you warrant and acknowledge that may not use our services for the business activities, which include but are not limited to:

  • Illegal business activities: business activities involving fields and acts prohibited by any law, regulation, statute or ordinance; acts encouraging, instructing or aiding others to partake and engage in any activity prohibited by law;

  • Unlicensed gambling, or using our Services to conduct and participate in such unlicensed and unauthorised activities, as lotteries, games of change, bidding fee auctions, sports bidding, sweepstakes and other activities falling under the definition of gambling.

  • Infringement of Intellectual Property rights: business activities that infringe any patent, copyright or trademark registered in accordance with applicable law, or violate other relevant intellectual property rights, e.g. producing, selling, distributing and promoting counterfeit visual, video and audio material, software, duly registered inventions without official authorization from the patent holder, or any other material subject to licensing and intellectual property rights;

  • Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia: sale and distribution of controlled substances and any products designed for making and consuming drugs (bongs, vaporisers, hookahs), or otherwise concealing drugs;

  • Regulated and Licensed Goods and Services: sale of tobacco, cigarettes (including e-cigarettes), e-liquids; sale of precious metals and stones; online pharmacies, including sale of prescription medication; sale of weapons, firearms, munitions, gunpowder, and other explosives; sale of fireworks and other pyrotechnics; sale, purchase and distribution of toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials; oil and gas industries; extractive industry;

  • Illicit Substances and Pseudo-Pharmaceuticals: sale of any product or substance that present risk to consumer safety, or make misleading or unsupported claims that have not been confirmed and verified by competent authority in the applicable country and/or obtained relevant certifications and/or licenses;

  • Counterfeit or Stolen Goods: sale of counterfeit designer products distributed by unauthorized and unlicensed retailer/reseller; sale of replicas; sale of goods that have been imported or exported illegally; sale of stolen goods;

  • Restricted Financial Services: check cashing; bail bonds; collection agencies;

  • Unlicensed Providers of Services in Regulated Industries: including unlicensed foreign exchange providers, unlicensed lotteries and gambling;

  • Adult Content and Services: pornographic materials; online and offline stores offering sale of sex-related goods; services involving escort and prostitution; adult live chats and pay-per-view adult websites;

  • Fraudulent Financial Schemes: multi-level marketing, pyramid or Ponzi schemes, referral marketing;

  • NGOs and non-profit organizations; charities: including accepting donations for non-profit purposes;

  • Goods and Service Providers engaging in unfair, misleading, and aggressive commercial practices: any merchant or service provider that, at our sole discretion, implements means of harassment, coercion, including by means of physical force, or undue influence impairing consumers' freedom of choice or conduct;

  • Other High-Risk Businesses: any businesses that are determined by us to be of high-risk profile on the basis of applicable laws and regulations, including legal requirements of AML/CTF Law, and that we subsequently believe to be pose elevated financial and/or legal risk of liability, violations and crime.

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