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Welcome to 0xpay

0xpay is a crypto payment processing system, which allows merchants to accept and manage payments on various blockchain networks and fiat assets via integration options.
0xpay in-app DashBoard

What's special about 0xPay

• Setting up 0xpay API takes only 2 hours. There is nothing simpler on the market right now
• Technological dashboard, everything referring to your crypto business is displayed there
• 4 most common blockchains (BTC, ETH, BSC, TRON) are available form the start, and 2 more chains are coming in the nearest future
• Receive payments 24/7 with no downtimes
• It is the cheapest solution on the market with widest array of features and utilities at the same time

0xpay has infinitely-scalable architecture

• 0xpay can handle any transaction volumes ($3B processed payments since 2020)
• The fastest API for crypto processing
• Access to exchange API and liquidity balancing
• Helps building blockchain services without any barriers and complex coding
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